VORC held its April board meeting on Tuesday 4/18/17 at the Vinton Parks & Recreation maintenance shed. The meeting was open to all VORC members as there was lots of information to communicate.

Matt Phippen called the meeting to order at 6:10PM.

Board Members Present:

  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary
  • Josh Erickson, Trail Steward
  • Ashley Hesson
  • Beth Mayhew
  • Randy Scheel
  • Matt Boggess, Advisor/VPRD Liaison
  • Jeff Peterson
  • Brad Barker, Director VPRD

 VORC Members In Attendance:

  • Danielle Coulter
  • Dave Staab
  • Melissa Schwan
  • Brad Barker

Financial Update

Matt Boggess presented the financial report through 4/18/2017.

Expenses for April:

  • $336 for VORC t-shirts paid to Jim Mayhew
  • $171.27 for supplies reimburse to Matt Phippen
  • $45.62 reimbursement to Dave Staab

Contributions for April

  • $3,000 from VPRD

VORC has been working on a goal to raise $10,000 by April 1, 2017. Matt Boggess reported that the goal was hit, but some pledged money had not yet been received.

Reminder by Matt Boggess to continue communication around purchases.

As of 4/18/17, the VORC balance was $6,500.31. For questions regarding VORC finances, contact Matt Boggess at VPRD.

New Business

The majority of our discussion was to plan for the trail clean up day on Saturday, 4/23. Matt Phippen shared that 47 FEMA corps members would be on hand, along with Lions Club members and general public.

The goal is to clean up sections of the trail that border the length of the Lions Field area.

Also on Saturday VORC would send members to Benton County Conservation’s Eco-Extravaganza with the BDSF course, bikes and helmets. Ashley Hesson would attend along with Jim and Beth Mayhew for the 12-3 event.

The group agreed upon hosting a Spring open house/cookout on Saturday, 5/20/17. The format would be similar to the Fall open house, but with hot dogs and/or burgers and other food on hand. A free-will donation was suggested to offset cost and to raise money for VORC.

Melissa Schwann made a motion to purchase temporary signage for the Upper Trail head. Motion was seconded by Matt Phippen and Dave Staab. Brad Barker volunteered to get a sign ordered and installed.

Beth Mayhew shared that she’s been looking into an online challenge “virtual event” where individuals participate in a self-guided challenge to record mileage on our trails or around the area. This would be another fundraiser opportunity for VORC and increase usage of the trail system.

Randy Scheel shared some updates from the Old Creamery Nature Trail group. An idea is being discussed between Old Creamery Nature Trail and Garrison to consider changes to the Garrison Farmers Market. The idea is to have cyclists ride to Garrison on a Friday evening with the possibility of music, beer and other attractions; the goal being to have a reason to ride the trail Friday’s throughout the summer months.

Randy also mentioned that OCNT is considering adding features such as a benches or even a swing to the tressel bridge just west of Garrison. VORC has agreed to help OCNT with cleaning/maintenance for one mile of trail.

Matt Phippen discussed new trail additions to the Upper Trail and the concept of changing directions; starting at the trail head going left (the original direction from Summer 2016). The decision to move to the counter-clockwise direction last year was due to the section referred to as “toilet bowl”. Returning to the clockwise direction may require changes to the trail section around toilet bowl, possibly a switch back or new trail section. Matt Phippen asked people to ride it and leave a comment on the members only Facebook page about their impression.

VORC will work with Scott Hanson with Benton County EMA to get 911 designations for the upper and lower trail systems.

Upcoming Events:

  • 5/2/17 – VPRD Bike Safety Rodeo where VORC members will help teach basic safety for youth
  • 5/20/17 – VORC Spring cookout/open house

The meeting adjourned at 7:15pm

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