February 7, 2017 VORC Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:

  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary
  • Josh Erickson, Trail Steward
  • Ashley Hesson, Board Member

The first VORC Board meeting was held on Tuesday 2/7/17 at the Vinton Parks & Recreation Center meeting room. We had two primary objectives of the meeting:

  1. Discussion of who we’d like to invite to join our Board
  2. Big objectives for the next 12 months

Big picture objectives for the next 12 months

Host a major event/race on our trails (goal is for late 2017)

Do something that’s visible in our community every month. Ideas include:

  • Benton County Health Expo 4/1/17
  • Bike Safety with VPRD
  • Strider event
  • Party In The Park
  • Boomfest
  • Grill out day in April or May
  • Trail building events for the public to help
  • Organized group rides
  • Women’s night?
  • Old Creamery Trail run with a stop at Hitchin Post
  • Cedar Valley Nature Trail run
  • Camp out and ride
  • Travel to another trail system as a group
  • Snow rides

Improve our existing trails

  • Clean up garbage and dead wood
  • Bridges completed
  • More trails cut
  • Make what we have a desirable destination for people outside of Vinton area

Create a plan for the future bike park

The Board discussed how to move forward with the concept for a bike park in Vinton and decided it would be best to slow down and use 2017 to determine the best strategy:

  • Location
  • Features
  • Funding sources
  • Contractor or DIY? Who?

Board Members & Changes to the Bylaws

Board President Matt Phippen motioned to increase our the number of board members to 10 from its current 7. Jim Mayhew seconded the motion and the motion carried with unanimous support. Changes will be needed to amend our bylaws to reflect that our Board is comprised of 10 members with the President holding the tie-breaker vote.

New VORC Board members are:

  • Beth Mayhew
  • Jeff Peterson
  • Randy Scheel

This leaves two spots to fill, but we can operate with these spots open indefinitely.

Additionally, the Board unanimously supported creating an advisory position for Matt Boggess as a liaison between VPRD and VORC. Matt’s role is a non-voting Board position, but will be provide the club with financial reports and other important business from the VPRD side, including the VPRD Board. This role can be reaffirmed annually.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM.

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