Board Members Present:

  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary
  • Josh Erickson, Trail Steward
  • Ashley Hesson
  • Beth Mayhew
  • Randy Scheel
  • Matt Boggess, Advisor/VPRD Liaison
  • Jeff Peterson
  • Brad Barker, Director VPRD

VORC held its March Board meeting on Tuesday 3/21/17 at the Vinton Parks & Recreation maintenance shed.

Financial Update

  • Matt Boggess presented the financial report through 3/9/2017. As of 3/9/2017, VORC has a balance of $4053.65 in the account.
  • VORC has been working on a goal to raise $10,000 by April 1, 2017. If $10,000 was raised by 4/1/17, Scheels Sporting Goods would match the $10,000. Cedar Valley Bank (La Porte City, Vinton) gave the final $1,500 necessary to reach the $10,000 goal, meeting the matching challenge requirement. Matt Phippen reported that the matching money will come from his store in Coralville.
  • For questions regarding VORC finances, contact Matt Boggess at VPRD.

Several VORC members assembled portable riding features for the upcoming Benton County Health Fair on 4/1/17. Josh Erickson was the project leader. Members began building the features on 3/14/17 and on 3/21/17 final assembly and painting was completed.


New Business

  • The VORC pop up tent was delivered on Tuesday 3/21/17. The 10x10 tent will provide visibility for VORC during special events and to bring more awareness about the club and the trails in Vinton. The tent was designed and fulfilled by Jim & Beth Mayhew, Mayhew Design.

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/1/17 – Benton County Health Fair at Vinton Skate & Activity Center and Vinton-Shellsburg Middle School parking lot. VORC will have a display of a variety of bikes for all ages/sizes, including Strider bikes, helmets and several portable features on a practice course.
  • 4/22/17 – Trail Cleanup Day with assistance from Vinton Lions Club members and Americorps
  • 4/22/17 – Benton County Conservation Open House at Rodgers Park. VORC will be present for the afternoon event to showcase bikes and talk about the trails.
  • 4/24/17 – VORC was asked to talk trails, trail building activities and bicycles with the Boy Scouts at their meeting.
  • 5/2/17 – VPRD Bike Safety Rodeo where VORC members will help teach basic safety for youth


Other Business

Plans continue for hosting a bike race in Vinton in December 2017. The exact details of the location of the course and the weekend activities are still taking shape. There is a possibility that the event could take place at Rodgers Park, but VORC would need to present and promote the idea to Benton County Conservation at an upcoming Board meeting, according to Randy Scheel. The next BCC Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, 4/3/17 at 5pm at the Nature Center. No motion was made to attend the 4/3/17 meeting.

Lions Club has also expressed interest in partnering with VORC on an annual event. Lions is interested in service and possible fundraising opportunities with the event. Jim Mayhew reported that Lions fundraising committee is approaching the Lions Board about possible partnerships with VORC. Matt Boggess raised concern that a race would be VORC’s largest fundraising opportunity for the year and that splitting profits would constrain the ability for meaningful contributions. Jeff Peterson noted that Lions could support VORC without splitting entry fees, etc.

Matt Phippen reported that he is working with Melissa Schwan with Vinton Unlimited to lobby for a hotel/motel tax for Vinton, where VORC could be a recipient of funds. Vinton currently doesn’t have a hotel/motel tax. The measure would require a vote by the City Council in November.

Matt Phippen also reported that he and Melissa Schwann requested $2,000 from the Vinton Community Foundation to offset costs for a kiosk at the head of the Upper Trail.

On Tuesday afternoon when the tent was being set up at the recreation center, the idea to get VORC t-shirts made was discussed. Jim Mayhew presented a shirt design to the Board; navy blue 100% ringspun cotton tees with lime green VORC logo on the front for $8. Matt Boggess motioned to move forward with ordering the shirts was seconded by Matt Phippen, with delivery by the April 1 event.

Beth Mayhew suggested that VORC could offer classes to the public on topics such as bike fitment, how to choose a saddle, how to repair flat tires, and other bike-related mini-courses. VORC could make them free or charge a small fee ($5) for people to attend. Matt Phippen offered the bike experts from Scheels to come and lead technical classes.

Randy Scheel shared an upcoming event on 8/19/17 where cyclists would ride from Dysart to Vinton on the Old Creamery Trail. The event is called 5 B’s (beer, brats, beats, burgers, bicycles). VORC would be encouraged to be involved in this new event.

VORC Board Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Board members will be notified of the schedule by email. Jim Mayhew will get the meetings on the VORC calendar on the website ( and draft the email.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50PM.

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