January 3, 2017 VORC Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Dave Staab
  • Ashley Hesson
  • Melissa Schwann
  • Scott Birker
  • Matt Boggess
  • Beth Mayhew
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary
  • Ryan Jacobs
  • Josh Erickson

La Reyna

VORC members gathered at La Reyna restaurant in downtown Vinton for the first meeting of 2017. Several members rode their fat bikes downtown and parked the bikes outside the restaurant to draw attention to the sport. There were no official motions, so members ordered drinks and food and participated in lively discussion on a variety of topics, including:

  • Need to fill two empty Board positions; nominations are open. Please send nominees to ridevinton@gmail.com
  • Bridge ideas:
    • Still trying to determine the best way to cross the marshy section on the Full Supper loop
    • Floating bridge ideas were discussed
    • Land bridge using large rocks or even concrete culverts is a possibility
    • Whatever we do needs to be able to withstand rising waters and flood currents
  • Matt Boggess suggested we create a short alternate path on Lunchtime’s sandy/muddy area to avoid the perpetual muddy area
  • VPRD personnel will do chainsaw work; VORC members should leave that work to VPRD for insurance/liability reasons
  • Suggestion to create Goals and Objectives topics for 2017:
    • Membership / outreach
      • Events
        • VORC intends to hold its first race event by 2018
      • Education / community involvement
      • Fundraising (?)
      • Additional objectives/goals as needed
  • All members are strongly encouraged to invite new people to VORC. Reminder that meetings are open to the public and need to grow the club size
  • Community information night schedule for January 23 at Vinton Public Library (basement) @ 6:30PM
    • Need to promote attendance;
    • Ask for pizza donations from Pizza Hut to serve attendees
    • Powerpoint / photos /  videos to show the community the trail
    • Have 3 bikes on hand for people to see and ask questions
      • 26″ mountain bike, mid-fat bike and full fat tire bike
    • VORC members will share why the trails are important to them
    • Explain that the trails are available to all skill levels, ages, genders
      • Not just for bikes; promote other activities
    • Possibly promote the event by sending info home in Friday folders
    • Jim and Eric will mention the event at Lions Club this week and next
    • Use this evening to attract new members to VORC
      • signup sheet available
  • Ashley is organizing a trail run group the morning of Saturday, Jan. 7. We will take photos and videos to create a new video promoting alternate uses
    • Ryan Jacobs proposed a video featuring kids playing / riding on the trails
  •  VORC members are encouraged to create accounts at RideBiker.com and then order VORC apparel at our online store; looking to have 20+ registered with our club, so invite friends and family members to create their free account, even if they don’t intend to order at this moment.
  • Additional apparel will be available for VORC members in the coming months
    • Cheaper t-shirts for giveaways/promotions and less expensive option for members
    • Ladies cut shirts available through Matt Phippen (Scheels)
    • Another batch of headware may be coming
  • Suggestion by the Ladies of VORC to have Ladies Night Trail Ride or other Ladies Night events
  • VORC may take a trip to ride Ingawanis near Janesville once we get some snow
  • Matt Phippen’s new challenge for 2017 is no coffee or sweets. WTH?
  • And they wondered if Jim could remember it all…. HA!


Meeting adjourned around 7:10PM

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