November 29, 2016 VORC Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Ryan Jacobs
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Dave Staab
  • Ashley Hesson
  • Matt Boggess
  • Josh Erickson, Trail Steward
  • Beth Mayhew
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary


New Business

Matt Boggess made a motion to accept the VORC bylaws that were presented to the club for review. Matt Phippen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Matt Boggess made a motion to accept the Memorandum of Understanding between VORC and VPRD. The motion was seconded by Matt Phippen. Motion carried.

Matt Phippen will attend the VPRD Board meeting on Thursday 12/8/16 to represent VORC at the meeting.

Members of LAMBA (Linn Area Mountain Bike Association) are interested in attending a future VORC meeting to discuss potential partnership opportunities. The group collectively decided to move forward and have LAMBA Ken Barker (and others) attend a meeting at a time TBD.

Trail Groomer

The group decided to move forward with fabrication of a trail groomer for the Lower Trail section after snowfall. Josh Erickson and Dave Staab will construct the groomer using free scrap material.

Lower Trail Improvement & Maintenance

  • Plans for main bridge construction on Tuesday, 12/6/16. We are in need of extra hands to help complete both approaches before freezing conditions make work impossible.
  • Floating bridge on Full Supper will wait until Spring for installation. Elements of the bridge may be constructed during winter work days and then set in place in Spring.
  • Matt Boggess will install physical barriers on Upper and Lower Trail heads by 12/1/16 to discourage use. Lower trail will reopen when ground is frozen and/or snow covered.

Meeting Adjourned

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