A few notes from Tuesday’s weekly meeting:


– Decision was made to have our kick-off party at Boomfest where we’ll have our tent set up on Saturday 8/26. Registered participants will be able to pick up their medals at that time.

– We already got one signup at Party in the Park. Early bird registration goes through 7/21 to save $5. Please invite friends and family to it.

– The website page is www.ridevinton.com/troll and you will be to register online very soon.

– We need to promote this through social media and our network of friends. We have ordered 100 medals at a cost of around $9-10 so we need to sell at least 35 individual registrations to break even. I’ll be working on adding more info to the website and creating PDF flyers we can forward to businesses/groups.


– We sold 105 treats, 6 tshirts and took in some free will donations. Over the 3 days we grossed $368.

– VPRD graciously has donated the treats to VORC so we had 100% profit on the sales! Thank you VPRD!


– Matt Phippen worked a couple of hours on Blade Runner and Jim and Beth added another 1-1/2 hours to get the new trail segment in better condition.

– Prior to the storms this week, the Lower Trail is awesome shape! Let’s hope the weather cooperates so we can continue shredding the trails segments.


– As previously stated, we will use this event for the Troll The Trail kickoff/medal pickup.

– VORC will sell ice cream treats, similar to Party in the Park. $30 table registration and $30(?) for the health inspector permit. We talked about selling candy as well. We will have our tent but not the BSDF course.


– We have $1500 grant available to use on the kiosk.

– Matt Phippen is following up to make sure our Eagle Scout has not started plans (there’s been no follow up from him on the project, so we don’t expect it.)

– Ideas discussed included benches, picnic table, and pergola options. We will need to keep this on our agenda and set a project goal. November 1 was suggested as a potential completion date to shoot for.


– Saturday 7/8 VORC will have the tent and BSDF course at the Garrison Fire Station for their fundraiser event. Need volunteers to help get features, tent, bike rack, bikes, etc. there.

– Jim is going to design/order the back wall for the VORC tent.

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