November 22, 2016 VORC Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

  • Melissa Schwann
  • Matt Phippen, President
  • Dave Staab
  • Josh Erickson, Trail Steward
  • Eric Coulter, Vice President
  • Ashley Hesson
  • Matt Boggess
  • Jim Mayhew, Secretary
  • Ryan Jacobs


Matt Phippen moved to follow a schedule for monthly meetings, motion seconded by Matt Boggess. Monthly VORC meetings will follow this format:

  • 1st Tuesday – Trail building / improvement / maintenance
  • 2nd Tuesday – Trail building / improvement / maintenance
  • 3rd Tuesday – VORC Board Meeting
  • 4th Tuesday – Ride the trails!

MOU and Bylaws

Matt Boggess shared initial draft of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for agreement between Vinton Parks & Recreation and VORC for Riverside Trail Complex.

  • Check and Balance system for purchases, maintenance/improvements, finance/budget
  • Ensures the long-term viability and ownership of the trail system between the two entities
  • Goal is for full transparency of how money is received/spent
  • VPRD will act as the Treasurer for VORC

Matt Boggess shared initial draft of VORC bylaws with group. Motion to finalize bylaws and then vote to accept at 11/29/16 meeting.


Apparel helps increase VORC brand awareness. VORC is partnering with Ride Biker Alliance ( to design and sell VORC branded biking apparel. Matt Phippen shared samples of various apparel and design concept. 7% of sales will be returned to VORC.

VORC will have a link on website for anyone to order apparel. E-store allows VORC to sell apparel without having to carry inventory, accept payments for orders, handle returns or having to lay out cash in advance.

Discussion around possible other similar online vendors for other apparel/merchandise with VORC branding (t-shirts, jackets, bottles, etc.)

Lower Trail Improvement & Maintenance

  • Discussed the need to fabricate a trail groomer for the lower trail once snow accumulates to make trail usable.
    • Discussion about experimenting with how to properly groom the trail and the groomer design itself.
  • Need to complete main bridge before ground freezes and/or heavy snow accumulations.
    • Discussion that this is a weekend-long project to build approaches and
  • Need to mark trail using fluorescent tape once snow cover hides it.
    • Matt Boggess mentioned this would be completed on Wed. 11/23 along with completion of “Troll Bridge” just past the camp/picnic site.
  • Only main part of lower trail to remain open for winter use.

Website and Social Media

  • Campaign for users to share their experience on Riverside Trails using #ridevinton and tagging VORC on various social sites (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Campaign is to promote the trail system on social network and attract more users, both local and out of town.
  • One winner will be chosen each month to receive VORC swag (ie, VORC sticker or t-shirt) for their post.
  • Promote snow activities on social media once snow hits and trail is ready. Also on Vinton Today and VORC website.

VORC Membership Dues

Motion suggested and accepted to have a nominal annual membership for individuals, families and business sponsors. NOTE:  dollar amounts for memberships not finalized.

  • $25 / year for individuals
  • $40-50 / year for families
  • $?? For business

Discussion around reason for dues:  Dues allow individuals to have a “seat at the table” and participate in voting on VORC business.

Discussion around tiered membership options:

  • VORC Members (people who use the trail)
  • Community Members (people who support the trail but don’t use it)
  • Sponsors

Recommended that there be swag for different tiers of members. For example, $500 donors receive exclusive merchandise that is not available to lower tier donors.

Upcoming Outreach / Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sac and Fox Fat Bike Enduro on 12/10
  • Need 5-6 VORC members to volunteer to help with registration, vendors, information booth, etc.
  • Matt Boggess will send out email asking for helpers

Meeting Adjourned

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