strider-bikesMatt Phippen has worked for Scheels in Coralville, IA for almost 20 years and has been active with the biking community for as long. He is a member in Vinton’s mountain biking club, Vinton Off Road Cyclists. 

Phippen noticed as more and more families with young children were discovering the new trail system, there was an opportunity to help the littlest kids enjoy the trails on tiny training bikes. Because of his experience in the bike and sporting goods industry, he knew about a company called Strider.

“When we decided that we wanted to purchase six Strider training bikes on our own, I contacted our lead buyer of bikes at Scheels and asked him if Strider offered special discounts for organizations like us that are just getting started, paying for things out of our own pockets.”

The buyer emailed Strider directly and requested that they ship out six new Strider bikes, but send the bill to him directly, not VORC. It turns out that when Strider learned of the project, they wanted to donate the bikes for free to VORC.

“People in the bike industry make awesome things happen,” stated Phippen. “It’s a wonderful community of people to be involved with.”

VORC would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Don Doescher and everyone at Strider Bikes for making this happen for us. These Striders are going to be a great addition to our trail. #RideVinton #StrideOn

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